Janet focuses on getting in touch with spirit and growing and evolving the relationship that you have with yourself. It is the most important relationship that you have. This relationship sets the tone for all the other relationships that you have in your life. Janet believes that caring for you and loving yourself is the ultimate road to happiness, peace and prosperity.

Healing the relationship that you have with money is the first step to healing the relationship that you have with yourself.

Money is a powerful source of energy that we all have in our lives. Money affects all aspects of our lives from the time we are born through to the rest of our lives. We don’t realize how the relationship with money affects our relationship with our self and others. Sometimes client’s say it best. Here is how one client described her experience.

“Money’s energy is wrapped in our daily feelings and doings of the past, present and future: whether we believe to have the money we need, or whether we believe there is a shortfall.

Would you like to refocus and strengthen your relationship with money?  By first identifying some of your life experiences and then letting go of the old relationship with money, you can shift the paradigm around money and you. Janet leads you through a process to focus on your money and your life.

At some point in each life we set our beliefs around money.  Rarely do we engage with these on a daily basis. We spend, we may save, we may invest and rarely do we feed the relationship with money.

In a Breakthrough Session, you can identify situations which led to starving your relationship with money and with yourself.   You can breakthrough beliefs that may have changed over time.  Typically, you are not aware of these beliefs and their effects.  Now, you can vision a new experience with money and your life. You regenerate your beliefs about money and your life.  It’s fun, it’s informative, it’s useful.

You walk away with a new energetic partner. And, just as you would with a person or animal you invite into your life, you will continue to create and build a new and supportive relationship with this energy.”

Anna Marie Martin, Hamilton, ON

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