Janet Breitmaier is a Transformational Coach and International Money Mentor.  Janet helps professional women who are stuck and feel they have no options to break free and live life on their own terms.

Janet teaches women that they have the gift of choosing their ideal relationship with “Money” through her signature “Make Money Fall in Love with You Program” and her succeeding “Kreate Life Your Way” program. Janet is fiercely committed to empowering women to take responsibility for their relationship with Money and convert their negativity and pain about Money into the love of their life.

Clients have praised Janet for helping them get to the root cause of their problems with Money and connecting them to their inner most desires. Janet says, “It is the stuff that you don’t know about that is causing you the problems. The root of your money issues lies hidden away in your subconscious and guides every action that you make without your even knowing about it”.

Despite a successful 17 year career in business, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters degree in Business Education, Janet found herself in a quandary on how money worked or rather didn’t work in people’s lives as well as her own. In her work she encountered many people with a large asset base who were on the verge of bankruptcy. She is acutely aware that making a lot of Money doesn’t mean that you actually have money. The root of money beliefs and issues lies deeper than an education or career can resolve. People who are married, single, widowed, retired, professional, educated, have large bank accounts, have children, don’t have children all have issues with Money. Download your free MP3 audio program, “An Interview with Janet on the Steps to Financial Alchemy” where Janet talks about how to Make Money Fall In Love With You at www.janetbreitmaier.com.