Business Planning From Your Heart

Connecting Your Heart And Your Soul To Your Business


Everything needs a little nurturing for it to grow and prosper. This may seem like a change in direction for me to be talking about business planning when I usually talk about happiness, love and money. What does business planning have to do with this?  The answer is everything.  If you have your own business your happiness is tied up in your work.  Your work is a big part of creating your life design since you spend a great part of your day and your life focusing on the work that you do.

As an entrepreneur, you’re naturally passionate about your business. You believe in it with all your soul. A business planning program is designed to connect your business’s vision with your heart’s desire. You’ve put your soul into this venture and a truly successful business plan should reflect that.

If you are like most entrepreneurs you have passion for your work. You absolutely love what you do and are good at it. You go to networking events to talk about your business and share business cards. Clients love you and your product or service. You get excellent testimonials. Is that enough? You struggle to find new clients. You struggle to make ends meet. Eventually you have to get a “real” job to supplement your income. Your business becomes a hobby that slowly drifts away.

I recently interviewed a handful of Solopreneurs to find out how they do their business planning and whether or not they had a business plan. I discovered that most of them did not have a business plan. A couple had a business plan that they had once written but never looked at since.  I also discovered that many Solopreneurs did not know what a Business Plan was or what type of information was included in the Business Plan and how it could help you focus, grow and evolve your business into a profitable venture that supplies you with the financial recourses that you need to live an abundant life.

The truth is that a Business Plan is the foundation of your business. It outlines every aspect of your business niche, marketing plan, potential competitors, and financial projections. This stuff may seem unimportant when you are trying to change the world with your great new product or service. But a little time at the start of your business to deal with the business side of your business will create the space and framework for you to thrive! You will then have the time, space and money to create your business as a part of your live design.

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