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Your Special Holiday Gifts

I have amazing news! You may recall, that last summer I had the pleasure of being interviewed on an internet radio show called, Bonnie Groessl’s “The Holistic Entrepreneur” It was so much fun and I received many great compliments. Well! The news gets even better! My interview was selected to be a part of a ‘best of’ package of interviews from “The Holistic Entrepreneur” show. Yes! The news gets even better! All of the ‘best of’ interviewees are offering a free gift as part of the package. Yikes! The package is FREE as well. I have listened to many of

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Kreate an Inner Circle

  I was recently asked what my advice would be for holistic entrepreneurs who were just starting out. I thought about a couple of different lessons that I have learned.   Never give up. Never let other people influence you away from your dream. Create relationships with positive people. Keep exposure to negative people in your life to a minimum. These points are very important. There is one point that is even more important. Create a strong inner circle. This is very different from a mastermind group. A mastermind group is a group of people in business and business for

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Business Planning From Your Heart

Connecting Your Heart And Your Soul To Your Business   Everything needs a little nurturing for it to grow and prosper. This may seem like a change in direction for me to be talking about business planning when I usually talk about happiness, love and money. What does business planning have to do with this?  The answer is everything.  If you have your own business your happiness is tied up in your work.  Your work is a big part of creating your life design since you spend a great part of your day and your life focusing on the work

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