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Your Special Holiday Gifts

I have amazing news! You may recall, that last summer I had the pleasure of being interviewed on an internet radio show called, Bonnie Groessl’s “The Holistic Entrepreneur” It was so much fun and I received many great compliments. Well! The news gets even better! My interview was selected to be a part of a ‘best of’ package of interviews from “The Holistic Entrepreneur” show. Yes! The news gets even better! All of the ‘best of’ interviewees are offering a free gift as part of the package. Yikes! The package is FREE as well. I have listened to many of

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Kreate an Inner Circle

  I was recently asked what my advice would be for holistic entrepreneurs who were just starting out. I thought about a couple of different lessons that I have learned.   Never give up. Never let other people influence you away from your dream. Create relationships with positive people. Keep exposure to negative people in your life to a minimum. These points are very important. There is one point that is even more important. Create a strong inner circle. This is very different from a mastermind group. A mastermind group is a group of people in business and business for

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It is a New Year

We tend to wait until the New Year to make resolutions and take actions that will improve our lives. A few days later we let those carefully thought out resolutions fade away as we get busy in the New Year. It’s ok. The good news is that each day is an opportunity to start a New Year. You don’t have to wait until January 1st next year.  You can start tomorrow or the day after. Pick a day and begin the life design of your New Year. It is difficult to make meaningful changes in our lives. It takes time,

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Reader Question: “I am doing everything right but I still don’t make any money”

I often hear this from clients and observe this in people that I know. Do you recognize yourself? "I have every book on Money, how to make Money, and self development that exists. I know that I have limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that keep repeating. I am constantly doing inner work on myself and reciting affirmations. I quote various authors’ work. I participate in workshops but the information doesn’t seem to stick. I am frustrated and disappointed that nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong?" Here is the answer, “Nothing”.  If this is you, you are doing all the right things. It is time to take your

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Stay Focused On Your Dream!

Sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated. We start out with passion and great intention and then life gets in the way. Your car battery dies suddenly and you can’t get to work on time. You get a terrible virus and your energy sinks. Your son or daughter become ill and your energy and focus shifts to their care. You live in the north and the sun just never seems to shine for six months of the year. It just seems to be dark all the time. Your dream fades into the distance and disappears. You keep thinking that you

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Life is always changing.

Life is always changing. I am realizing that the trick is to keep up with the changes and not let them affect you too deeply. What happens when something in your life stops working for you? Perhaps it is your job, your home, the way you live your life. It seems to me that there are always little signs that begin appearing when something needs to change. It may be that you become ill. It may be that you get into a car accident. It may be that you stumble and fall. These events aren't usually mere coincidences. They could mean something at a

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Life Changes And Changes…

Welcome to my blog. It is so exciting to be starting this blog on my new site. I am naming my blog Life By Redesign because we are constantly redesigning all the time. Usually this happens subconsciously. We often aren't aware of how our circumstances are affecting us subconsciously or even consciously. I have come to realize that everything is growing and changing all the time. Sometimes it is so fast that it is hard to keep up and we get stuck in the past. It is so much easier that way. That is until it isn't easier and the

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