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Make Money Fall In Love With You!




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Is Money bringing you down?

Instead have a fantastic relationship with Money!

Did you know that your relationship with Money is as real as your relationship with a person? Money is the #1 excuse for people not creating the life of their dreams. It is important to heal your relationship with Money first so that the way is clear to creating the life of your dreams — relationships, family, career, health, business, fun and recreation. Money is at the foundation of getting all of your desires.

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I want to share with you what I have learned so that you can create the life of your heart’s desire.

In this class, I will share,

  • The six steps fabulous steps to Financial Alchemy (turning led into gold**)
  • How to reveal and discard hidden limiting beliefs
  • How to love money
  • How to end stress and anxiety around money
  • Tools to help you stay connected with Money


Blogtalkradio Show   Monday August 17th 2015      

2pm central time/3pm eastern time

Bonnie Groessl’s The Gift of Choice: The choice is ours.

Make Money Fall In Love With You!!

Bonnie will feature me on her radio show.

Welcome to the Gift of Choice – “Choosing to Live Your Dream” with guest Janet Breitmaier

Janet Breitmaier is a Life Redesign Coach and International Money Mentor. She helps professional women who are stuck and feel they have no options to break free and live life on their own terms.

Janet teaches women that they have the gift of choosing their ideal relationship with “Money” through her signature “Make Money Fall in Love with You Program” and her new “Create Your Life On Your Terms Program”. Janet is fiercely committed to empowering women to take responsibility for their relationship with Money and convert their negativity and pain about Money into the love of their life.


Live Interview. I will be featured on the Bonnie Groessl talk radio show “The Holistic Entrepreneur” on the BBM Global Network and TuneIn Radio. Tuesday, July 9, 2015 @ 9 pm Eastern Time

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