Kreate an Inner Circle


I was recently asked what my advice would be for holistic entrepreneurs who were just starting out. I thought about a couple of different lessons that I have learned.


  • Never give up.
  • Never let other people influence you away from your dream.
  • Create relationships with positive people.
  • Keep exposure to negative people in your life to a minimum.

These points are very important. There is one point that is even more important.

  • Create a strong inner circle.

This is very different from a mastermind group. A mastermind group is a group of people in business and business for self that support each other in business aspects. Usually they meet once a month or bi-monthly. This is a great way to get business support and advice, contacts and networking.

An inner circle is a group of people that you trust completely. They could be family, long term friends or people that you met recently. They are people that have come into your life for whatever reason and have become an integral part of your life…not just your business…your life.

Typically it is a small group of people. They probably aren’t in business for self. They probably aren’t in the same field of work.

They are people that you are connected with on a soul level. You know who I am talking about.

Think about your life. Who do you really trust with any information? Who can you talk to without feeling judged, belittled, and/or betrayed? With who can say whatever you want to say and be guaranteed of a kind compassionate, and confidential listening ear?

Who can you call at anytime of the day or night when you desperately need to talk about something personal? Who would you do that for in return?

I would bet that there are very few people who fall into this category. This is your inner circle.

I am very lucky to have a strong inner circle. In my case we don’t meet up on a regular basis. Some of the people in my inner circle know each other. Some know of each other but have never met. That isn’t important. What is important is the relationship that you have with each of these people.

Life continues to happen when you Kreate Life Your Way and even when you don’t. Listen to your heart space. Ask who you need in your life. Treasure these people when they arrive. They are a gift to help you through whatever you are facing.

One thought on “Kreate an Inner Circle

  1. Beautiful post, Janet. “A friend is a gift you give yourself.” (Robert Louis Stevenson). That is so true, and how much more so when you are gifted to have an inner circle of friends. I love your point, and I treasure my friends. Blessings, Reba

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