Money Touches Everything

When I ask people, “What are your negative thoughts about money?” it strikes a very deep chord. Clients tell me about their divorce, growing up in poverty, having children’s aid involved in their lives, shopping for used clothes always wearing hand me downs, bankruptcy, arguments over estates, abandonment, death, suicide and other fears in all shapes and sizes. The tentacles of money touch all areas of your life.

These events stay with you and affect the lives you lead. If you are unhappy with your financial situation, it is a direct reflection of what is going on inside you. You need to reveal those deeply hidden places that you have buried; those places that are preventing you from leading the life that you were meant to lead; reveal those limiting beliefs that are keeping you from realizing abundance in all areas of your life.

One major limiting belief that I hear often is,” I don’t have the money for that.” Remember it is never about the money. If you constantly blame money for not having the things that you desire, you are actually repelling money.

Let’s say that money is a person that you know. Money is a friend of yours. Let’s call him Bill. You say something like, “I would love to do that but Bill is stopping me”. “Bill won’t let me”. You blame Bill for everything that has ever gone wrong in your life.

Would Bill want to have anything to do with you? The answer is probably,” NO”! Bill wouldn’t want anything to do with you. Bill would no longer be your friend. Bill could become hostile and angry and leave your life altogether.

Imagine if you were the one blamed for everything not going right. How would you feel? My guess is, not too good. My guess is that you would avoid that person who was constantly blaming you or you.

Your relationship with money is as real as your relationship with a person. Change a blaming relationship that doesn’t work into a loving beautiful relationship that creates peace, space, creativity, and yes money too!

2 thoughts on “Money Touches Everything

  1. Love your reframing to person-alize money. Makes me feel sad for Bill that he has to shoulder the weight of so many problems from so many people.

    One thing I’ve come to learn over the years is that Bill is a pretty loyal guy. He always returns at some point and shows up just when I need him most.

    1. Thank you Lorraine. Viewing Money as a person helps guide you to learning how to interact with Money as though Money were a person. It is a two way relationship.

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