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How To Make Money Fall In Love With You!




                             With Financial Alchemy


  • Are you sick and tired of struggling through each day?
  • Is Money always slightly out of your reach?
  • Do you see other people living the life that you want but can’t have?
  • Have you ever thought of your relationship with Money? What is it like?  
  • Are you struggling with Money?
  • Is Money struggling with you?


If your answer is YES to one or more of these questions? Wouldn’t it be great to know that there is another way of creating a new Money story for your life?

What if it were possible to have a loving relationship with Money?

The topic of Money is connected to everything that you do, think and  believe. Limiting beliefs about Money can  go way back to when you were a child. Often we don’t know why we feel the way we do about Money. We just know that Money isn’t there for us. Limiting beliefs are in our subconscious and are governing our actions.

It is the stuff that you don’t know about that is causing you the problems.

A client recently described her Money as a WOLF that kept telling her that she wasn’t enough. What is your Money telling you? How is Money keeping you from moving forward in your life?

“Money” stops people from getting what they want whether it has to do with actual money or not.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have a loving relationship with Money?


Join Janet for a 4 week tele workshop series.


To register for the classes click here now and send Janet an email. Ask to be registered in the class!

Learn how to create a new relationship with money with Financial Alchemy. Get a new a new relationship with Money; one that will help you move forward rather than cause you to stop in your tracks. This is a very small group tele workshop series with four classes.




In the classes you will:

  • Break through your money blocks
  • Create and maintain a new relationship with money
  • End stress and anxiety around money.
  • Free yourself from unconscious beliefs that are stopping you.
  • Meet people who are of like mind and spirit.


Register today! Click here now! Send Janet an email asking to register for the class.

 I am looking forward to having you in my class.



The greatest impact of the Financial Alchemy coaching for me was the way it tuned me to the channel that I was missing. I have earned twice as much in the past month than I have in any month this year. I am completely committed to the Financial Alchemy Program you have engaged me in”.      Donald Ashby, Brantford, ON