A Drop Of Happiness

When you really think about it, everything is medicine. The air we breathe, the activities that we are involved in, the food that we eat, our thoughts, emotions, and friends and family that we surround ourselves with.  The list is endless. Everything that we expose ourselves to becomes a part of who we are. This in turn affects us in so many ways including our health and well being.

That sounds great but how do we bring happiness into our lives? For most people this is an impossible task. People don’t have time to be happy. We are involved in so many tasks in a day that we hardly have a moment to ourselves let alone time to be happy?

People don’t know what happiness is for them. I often ask clients what makes them happy? I get a variety of answers. Some have nothing to do with their own personal happiness. For example, I will be happy when my children are happy”. Yes, that makes sense. However, connecting your happiness to someone else’s happiness, even if that someone else is your child or loved one, rarely brings you permanent happiness. The truth is that you don’t have control over someone else’s happiness. You only have control over your own. It is ok for you to be happy and feel well even if someone close to you is having a difficult time. It is also ok for you to celebrate with someone else who is happy about something even when you are not happy.

How do you begin to bring happiness into your life?

Get to know yourself very well. To know what makes you happy, you have to know yourself very well. Sometimes we think something will make us happy, but it really doesn’t or it is just a temporary fix. To be happy all the time, even in a crisis, you have to know yourself well. You need to know your interests, your values, and your core values. Then live from the place of your core values and love for yourself.

Decide what happiness means for you. Happiness is different for each of us. For some it is an activity that we have joy and passion for. For others it is a feeling or emotion that grounds us.

Design ways to tap into this happiness when you run into a difficult day. Stressful times are a part of our daily life. When life becomes overwhelming and happiness is out of the picture, what can you do to bring it back to you? It may be a song that you love, a painting that you love looking at, a piece of jewellery that reminds you of a great time, photographs, or colours. Perhaps there is someone that you can call and talk to for a few minutes. Create a list and choose something that will bring you quickly to a happy thought or place in your mind.

Share your happiness with others. Give others a drop of happiness to brighten their day. Smile at a stranger. Say hello to someone that you pass on the street. Offer to help someone get across the street. Call a friend that you know is having a difficult time and say, “hello, I am listening”. By doing this you not only brighten the other person’s day, you also brighten your day. It is win win.

Take the time to break down what being happy means to you. Create a confident foundation of how to access that place of happiness quickly when a hardship occurs. Help and support other people to do the same.

Add a drop of happiness to your life and the lives of people that you encounter every day. You will see your world change person by person.

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  1. I love this Janet, drops of happiness! Easy to share and abundantly available… and they keep on giving;) Thanks for this lovely post. joyful blessings, Tina

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