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Your Special Holiday Gifts

I have amazing news! You may recall, that last summer I had the pleasure of being interviewed on an internet radio show called, Bonnie Groessl’s “The Holistic Entrepreneur” It was so much fun and I received many great compliments.

Well! The news gets even better! My interview was selected to be a part of a ‘best of’ package of interviews from “The Holistic Entrepreneur” show.

Yes! The news gets even better! All of the ‘best of’ interviewees are offering a free gift as part of the package. Yikes! The package is FREE as well.

I have listened to many of the interviews. There is so much information that I am taking my time to really listen and learn from these experts. I want to offer you the same opportunity this holiday season. Give yourself this amazing gift. You deserve the best. I want you to have direct access to these experts.

Each expert provides a wealth of information plus a FREE gift to get you started on your way. After you sign up, the gifts are available forever. You can access the material at your leisure. You don’t have to feel pressured to listen to all of the interviews in a short period of time. Take your time. Get a real feel for the material. There are 20 plus interviews from experts just like me. They all share valuable tips and secrets. Enjoy the free gifts as I am enjoying them.

Bonnie is the host of “The Holistic Entrepreneur” podcast, where she interviews experts who are on the holistic entrepreneur path. As I said, I was honored to be her guest on the show this past year. The show is an amazing vehicle that offers a wealth of information to assist holistic listeners with the journey towards growth and prosperity; a true treasure. I know you will love it as I do.

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I truly want you to have the life you desire and deserve. That’s why I am participating in this special offering. Close out the year by making 2016 the most abundant year yet.

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Kreate an Inner Circle


I was recently asked what my advice would be for holistic entrepreneurs who were just starting out. I thought about a couple of different lessons that I have learned.


  • Never give up.
  • Never let other people influence you away from your dream.
  • Create relationships with positive people.
  • Keep exposure to negative people in your life to a minimum.

These points are very important. There is one point that is even more important.

  • Create a strong inner circle.

This is very different from a mastermind group. A mastermind group is a group of people in business and business for self that support each other in business aspects. Usually they meet once a month or bi-monthly. This is a great way to get business support and advice, contacts and networking.

An inner circle is a group of people that you trust completely. They could be family, long term friends or people that you met recently. They are people that have come into your life for whatever reason and have become an integral part of your life…not just your business…your life.

Typically it is a small group of people. They probably aren’t in business for self. They probably aren’t in the same field of work.

They are people that you are connected with on a soul level. You know who I am talking about.

Think about your life. Who do you really trust with any information? Who can you talk to without feeling judged, belittled, and/or betrayed? With who can say whatever you want to say and be guaranteed of a kind compassionate, and confidential listening ear?

Who can you call at anytime of the day or night when you desperately need to talk about something personal? Who would you do that for in return?

I would bet that there are very few people who fall into this category. This is your inner circle.

I am very lucky to have a strong inner circle. In my case we don’t meet up on a regular basis. Some of the people in my inner circle know each other. Some know of each other but have never met. That isn’t important. What is important is the relationship that you have with each of these people.

Life continues to happen when you Kreate Life Your Way and even when you don’t. Listen to your heart space. Ask who you need in your life. Treasure these people when they arrive. They are a gift to help you through whatever you are facing.

Create Space to Kreate Your Life

This sounds so simple. Yet creating space can be challenging. It is the simple things that are sometimes the most difficult to accomplish. What if I told you that all you need is a few moments?

How does one create space? How do you create space that will allow you to navigate through all of your thoughts, fears and emotions leading to your ideal life vision?

Many things get in the way; family, extended family, friends, jobs, career, education, activities, household stuff like cooking, cleaning and laundry, or hobbies. The list is endless. There isn’t time to create space.

I hear this from clients all the time. It is hard to carve out time for friends and fun let alone, alone time set aside for internal problem solving, processing, dreaming, meditation or just simply being.

Creating a life vision can also seem daunting if you don’t have a regular practice in place.

Start by giving yourself a few moments. Moments that are just for you. You can think or feel whatever you want in those moments. They belong to you. Claim them for yourself. Have fun with these moments or be serious with them. It is up to you. Explore your time within these moments.

That is all you need to begin. Take a deep breath and release that breath.  Focus inward and keep breathing.  You can do this at your desk, on your way to the photocopier, on walk around the block, or while you are waiting for your laundry to finish.

That is all it takes to get started. You don’t have to create your life vision all at once. Your vision will evolve over time. Be kind to yourself and your vision. It is your sacred practice.

I find that creating space for me to experience these moments is so important. It is a necessity to keep myself grounded to keep focused, to relieve stress, to keep going, and to keep healthy.

Money Touches Everything

When I ask people, “What are your negative thoughts about money?” it strikes a very deep chord. Clients tell me about their divorce, growing up in poverty, having children’s aid involved in their lives, shopping for used clothes always wearing hand me downs, bankruptcy, arguments over estates, abandonment, death, suicide and other fears in all shapes and sizes. The tentacles of money touch all areas of your life.

These events stay with you and affect the lives you lead. If you are unhappy with your financial situation, it is a direct reflection of what is going on inside you. You need to reveal those deeply hidden places that you have buried; those places that are preventing you from leading the life that you were meant to lead; reveal those limiting beliefs that are keeping you from realizing abundance in all areas of your life.

One major limiting belief that I hear often is,” I don’t have the money for that.” Remember it is never about the money. If you constantly blame money for not having the things that you desire, you are actually repelling money.

Let’s say that money is a person that you know. Money is a friend of yours. Let’s call him Bill. You say something like, “I would love to do that but Bill is stopping me”. “Bill won’t let me”. You blame Bill for everything that has ever gone wrong in your life.

Would Bill want to have anything to do with you? The answer is probably,” NO”! Bill wouldn’t want anything to do with you. Bill would no longer be your friend. Bill could become hostile and angry and leave your life altogether.

Imagine if you were the one blamed for everything not going right. How would you feel? My guess is, not too good. My guess is that you would avoid that person who was constantly blaming you or you.

Your relationship with money is as real as your relationship with a person. Change a blaming relationship that doesn’t work into a loving beautiful relationship that creates peace, space, creativity, and yes money too!

Business Planning From Your Heart

Connecting Your Heart And Your Soul To Your Business


Everything needs a little nurturing for it to grow and prosper. This may seem like a change in direction for me to be talking about business planning when I usually talk about happiness, love and money. What does business planning have to do with this?  The answer is everything.  If you have your own business your happiness is tied up in your work.  Your work is a big part of creating your life design since you spend a great part of your day and your life focusing on the work that you do.

As an entrepreneur, you’re naturally passionate about your business. You believe in it with all your soul. A business planning program is designed to connect your business’s vision with your heart’s desire. You’ve put your soul into this venture and a truly successful business plan should reflect that.

If you are like most entrepreneurs you have passion for your work. You absolutely love what you do and are good at it. You go to networking events to talk about your business and share business cards. Clients love you and your product or service. You get excellent testimonials. Is that enough? You struggle to find new clients. You struggle to make ends meet. Eventually you have to get a “real” job to supplement your income. Your business becomes a hobby that slowly drifts away.

I recently interviewed a handful of Solopreneurs to find out how they do their business planning and whether or not they had a business plan. I discovered that most of them did not have a business plan. A couple had a business plan that they had once written but never looked at since.  I also discovered that many Solopreneurs did not know what a Business Plan was or what type of information was included in the Business Plan and how it could help you focus, grow and evolve your business into a profitable venture that supplies you with the financial recourses that you need to live an abundant life.

The truth is that a Business Plan is the foundation of your business. It outlines every aspect of your business niche, marketing plan, potential competitors, and financial projections. This stuff may seem unimportant when you are trying to change the world with your great new product or service. But a little time at the start of your business to deal with the business side of your business will create the space and framework for you to thrive! You will then have the time, space and money to create your business as a part of your live design.

How much negativity are you exposing yourself to?

New Birth   A key step to creating the life that you truly desire is to get rid of negativity in your life.
You will get what you think of most of the time.  If you constantly worry that you don’t have enough money or that you won’t ever have enough money, you will not have enough money. A clue is to convert your negative talk to positive talk. Dwell on what is positive in your life all the time.
This may be difficult at first. There was a time when I could not think of anything positive in my life. I felt that I had no options and was trapped in a job where I was desperately unhappy. Every day was even worse than the day before. The thought of working until retirement in this same role seemed daunting and impossible. I didn’t think that I could survive let alone design a life where I was living life on my own terms. Yet, I couldn’t see a way to change my life either.
When I began to discover how negative my life was, I was truly shocked. My work was negative, the people I worked with were negative, and the clients were extremely negative. The news on the radio and television was negative. I noticed that people I knew talked about most things in a negative way. I was surrounded by negativity and this was consuming.
Immerse yourself in positive influences. Focus on what is great about your life. Be grateful and thankful for what appears in your life.
I began with a simple exercise where I took the time to notice everything around me. The person at the bus stop, the flower at the side of the road, the butterfly fluttering by, the person at the cash register and even the weeds and leaves that had fallen to the ground.
At the end of the day I would name all the things that I noticed in the day and say a little thank you to appreciate each one for being in my life with me that day.
This exercise was so simple and so powerful. It helped relax and clear my mind. It reduced my stress level tremendously and helped me to sleep well through the night. My life began to change and I began to live a positive lifestyle and carved my way into a new way of being and a new career as well.
Here are a few questions to ponder
How much negativity are you exposed to in a day?
What are the negative influences that you face each day? Work? Family? Friends? Activities?
Who are the people that you spend most of your time with in a day? Are they positive or negative influences? Be honest.
Are your thoughts mostly of worry and anxiety over money?
Do you spend time worrying about money?
Do you feel ill from lack of sleep?
Do you watch negative programming on TV; drama, crime, crime scenes?
Ask your internal self how to turn these negatives into positives.
Let me know how you are doing?

It is a New Year

We tend to wait until the New Year to make resolutions and take actions that will improve our lives. A few days later we let those carefully thought out resolutions fade away as we get busy in the New Year.

It’s ok. The good news is that each day is an opportunity to start a New Year. You don’t have to wait until January 1st next year.  You can start tomorrow or the day after. Pick a day and begin the life design of your New Year.

It is difficult to make meaningful changes in our lives. It takes time, commitment, resolve, and courage. Sometimes it is hard to determine what the changes should actually be. Ask yourself the questions listed below and start your Life Design. You will become more than you dreamed.

  1. What do you truly want? This question refers to what you truly want, not your spouse, brother, sister, parent or friend.
  2. What about this is important to you? Why is it so important fo ryou to make this change in your life?  What are the positives that   will come to you if you make this change?
  3. What will you do? What are your actions steps?
  4.  How will you do it?  Is there some research that needs to be done first? Do you need to make some arrangements?
  5. What tools do you need to put this want into action? What information, equipment, and/or courses do you need?
  6. When will you do it? Set a time or times that you will work on this.
  7. What support do you need for this to be successful? You may need your spouse or friends to support you. You may need to hire a coach.
  8. What else will you do? What additional things do you need to do to make this work?
  9. How will you celebrate your actions?  Once you have started, it is important to celebrate your accomplishment. Set regular times to celebrate what you have accomplished. You are doing a great job.
  10. What is your next step? What comes next? Don’t stop now. Keep designing your life one step at a time. Soon you will notice a transformation. You will feel better and have more confidence and joy in your life.

Reader Question: “I am doing everything right but I still don’t make any money”

I often hear this from clients and observe this in people that I know. Do you recognize yourself?

I have every book on Money, how to make Money, and self development that exists. I know that I have limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that keep repeating. I am constantly doing inner work on myself and reciting affirmations. I quote various authors’ work. I participate in workshops but the information doesn’t seem to stick. I am frustrated and disappointed that nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong?”

Here is the answer, “Nothing”.  If this is you, you are doing all the right things. It is time to take your learning to the next level. It is now time to internalize the information and make it part of your being. It is about change on a cellular level. Create a bridge between what you are studying and your internal being.

Studying self development is very different from studying business, accounting, medicine, the arts, etc. When you study academic subjects, you become an expert in whatever you are studying and can work in these fields. You grow and mature in your knowledge base but you don’t necessarily make it part of how you are being. Surfacing limiting beliefs and unconscious limiting patterns of behavior is very difficult to do on your own. It is this step that people find most difficult. It is like coaching yourself. Even as coaches, most of us have a coach or several coaches to help us identify and breakthrough our own barriers.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Dedicate time to internalize the material.  Dedicate time each day to be with yourself. This may be an hour, 30 minutes or even 15 minutes each day. It is important to be consistent so that you don’t lose momentum.
  2. Break it down into steps. Choose one limiting belief to work on at a time. Stay with one until you feel the shift.
  3. Find a quiet place to be. People are often uncomfortable with silence. Become friends with silence. It helps to clear and silence your mind so that you can hear what you need to hear. Observe your thoughts and actions as though you are an outsider.
  4. Listen to the voice that speaks to you from inside. You may be surprised at what you hear. Really get to know this voice. Give your voice time to be heard. Have fun with it.
  5. Ask for help. Often other’s can see what we can’t see in ourselves. It will help you a lot to find someone to work with. Perhaps you have a friend who is also working on something similar. Team up and help and support each other.
  6. Hire a Professional Coach. Find someone that you resonate with. It is really important to like, trust and have great rapport with your coach.

This type of change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and dedication. Remember to focus on the outcome that you want to achieve. Be nice to yourself. Love yourself.



A Drop Of Happiness

When you really think about it, everything is medicine. The air we breathe, the activities that we are involved in, the food that we eat, our thoughts, emotions, and friends and family that we surround ourselves with.  The list is endless. Everything that we expose ourselves to becomes a part of who we are. This in turn affects us in so many ways including our health and well being.

That sounds great but how do we bring happiness into our lives? For most people this is an impossible task. People don’t have time to be happy. We are involved in so many tasks in a day that we hardly have a moment to ourselves let alone time to be happy?

People don’t know what happiness is for them. I often ask clients what makes them happy? I get a variety of answers. Some have nothing to do with their own personal happiness. For example, I will be happy when my children are happy”. Yes, that makes sense. However, connecting your happiness to someone else’s happiness, even if that someone else is your child or loved one, rarely brings you permanent happiness. The truth is that you don’t have control over someone else’s happiness. You only have control over your own. It is ok for you to be happy and feel well even if someone close to you is having a difficult time. It is also ok for you to celebrate with someone else who is happy about something even when you are not happy.

How do you begin to bring happiness into your life?

Get to know yourself very well. To know what makes you happy, you have to know yourself very well. Sometimes we think something will make us happy, but it really doesn’t or it is just a temporary fix. To be happy all the time, even in a crisis, you have to know yourself well. You need to know your interests, your values, and your core values. Then live from the place of your core values and love for yourself.

Decide what happiness means for you. Happiness is different for each of us. For some it is an activity that we have joy and passion for. For others it is a feeling or emotion that grounds us.

Design ways to tap into this happiness when you run into a difficult day. Stressful times are a part of our daily life. When life becomes overwhelming and happiness is out of the picture, what can you do to bring it back to you? It may be a song that you love, a painting that you love looking at, a piece of jewellery that reminds you of a great time, photographs, or colours. Perhaps there is someone that you can call and talk to for a few minutes. Create a list and choose something that will bring you quickly to a happy thought or place in your mind.

Share your happiness with others. Give others a drop of happiness to brighten their day. Smile at a stranger. Say hello to someone that you pass on the street. Offer to help someone get across the street. Call a friend that you know is having a difficult time and say, “hello, I am listening”. By doing this you not only brighten the other person’s day, you also brighten your day. It is win win.

Take the time to break down what being happy means to you. Create a confident foundation of how to access that place of happiness quickly when a hardship occurs. Help and support other people to do the same.

Add a drop of happiness to your life and the lives of people that you encounter every day. You will see your world change person by person.

Gemütlichkeit: A Toast To Our Well-Being

Welcome to October. The season is changing in time for a new season to begin. It is a time of wrapping up the summer, raking leaves, bringing plants inside, putting away the outdoor furniture, and getting the indoor furnace ready. Fall is a season for getting ready.

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. It is a noticeable change. We begin to spend more time indoors.

It is a time for Thanksgiving, Halloween and, of course, Oktoberfest.

At this time of year, I always look forward to Oktoberfest. It is a wonderful festival celebrated in many places around the world. The Oktoberfest in Waterloo, Ontario boasts being the biggest in North America and the biggest outside of Munich, Germany.

I am lucky to have a cousin who organizes a gathering consisting of family and friends at this time of year so that we can all go together. I attend each year. There is a word that comes up at this time of year, during this festival.  It is “Gemütlichkeit”.  What does this mean?

Usually at my Cousin’s house there are a collection of guests, which include family, friends and friends of friends. We are all together to experience Gemütlichkeit. In past years we have tried to come up with a proper translation of this word but it means many things and different things to different people.

Some say it could mean comfortable, easygoing, and cozy or enjoying each other’s company. Others feel it has to do with a sense of well-being or feeling comfortable in one’s surroundings.

Although the word does not translate directly or easily into English, it means all of these things. I have come to think of gemütlichkeit as an atmosphere of well-being that you create for yourself and others. You want people to feel that warmth comfort and ease with each other even though they may not know each other. It is a reprieve from the outside world. You can’t help but enjoy yourself. While you are together you talk and laugh and enjoy each other and are connected spiritually for that moment or moments that you are together.

The Oktoberfest Clubs also create gemütlichkeit for their guests and periodically throughout the evening everyone is asked to get up out of their chair and toast to gemütlichkeit. Together everyone sings in unison in their loudest voice, “Ein Prosit! Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!” Everyone participates whether they have a drink in their hand or not. It doesn’t matter. That is the beauty of gemütlichkeit. It is about our collective well-being not solely about beer drinking and having a party.

Think about this. It is very powerful to raise a toast to our well-being. Imagine if we did this everyday throughout the year and not just for one week in the middle of October.

Keep in mind, as you prepare and get ready for the next season, the joy of togetherness and the joy of creating an atmosphere of well-being for yourself and those around you. Create well being in your home, in your work, and in your community. Let the effects of gemütlichkeit spread out and touch the world around you.

As the holiday season approaches, take the time to create, enjoy and appreciate some gemütlichkeit with your family, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, friends and friends of friends. Extend your gemütlichkeit wherever you are and enjoy what you create. Dream big!