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A Drop Of Happiness

When you really think about it, everything is medicine. The air we breathe, the activities that we are involved in, the food that we eat, our thoughts, emotions, and friends and family that we surround ourselves with.  The list is endless. Everything that we expose ourselves to becomes a part of who we are. This in turn affects us in so many ways including our health and well being. That sounds great but how do we bring happiness into our lives? For most people this is an impossible task. People don’t have time to be happy. We are involved in

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The Truth about Being Happy

It sounds really simple to be happy. Yet few of us are. Why is that? How do we   turn    that around? I regularly ask people if they are happy and what makes them happy. At first they are stumped. Then they reply "that the question is much harder than they thought" and then, "it is a very hard question" accompanied by a blank and confused look. After thinking a few moments, usually people project into the future. They say, "I will be happy when ….my daughter graduates and gets a job; my kids are happy; I retire; my husband/wife gets a

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Where is your Line of Happiness? Imagine Decide Live

On my trip to Taiwan this year, I went to a beautiful place in the centre of  Taiwan called, Sun Moon Lake. To get to Sun Moon Lake we had to take a shuttle from our hotel in Taipei to the subway; take the subway to the high speed train service; take the high speed train to a bus depot in Taichung; take the bus to Sun Moon lake. All of this took three hours. Yes! It was well worth the effort. Sun Moon Lake is truly a magical place. It is the largest lake and exists in

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