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It is a New Year

We tend to wait until the New Year to make resolutions and take actions that will improve our lives. A few days later we let those carefully thought out resolutions fade away as we get busy in the New Year. It’s ok. The good news is that each day is an opportunity to start a New Year. You don’t have to wait until January 1st next year.  You can start tomorrow or the day after. Pick a day and begin the life design of your New Year. It is difficult to make meaningful changes in our lives. It takes time,

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Reader Question: “I am doing everything right but I still don’t make any money”

I often hear this from clients and observe this in people that I know. Do you recognize yourself? "I have every book on Money, how to make Money, and self development that exists. I know that I have limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that keep repeating. I am constantly doing inner work on myself and reciting affirmations. I quote various authors’ work. I participate in workshops but the information doesn’t seem to stick. I am frustrated and disappointed that nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong?" Here is the answer, “Nothing”.  If this is you, you are doing all the right things. It is time to take your

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The Truth about Being Happy

It sounds really simple to be happy. Yet few of us are. Why is that? How do we   turn    that around? I regularly ask people if they are happy and what makes them happy. At first they are stumped. Then they reply "that the question is much harder than they thought" and then, "it is a very hard question" accompanied by a blank and confused look. After thinking a few moments, usually people project into the future. They say, "I will be happy when ….my daughter graduates and gets a job; my kids are happy; I retire; my husband/wife gets a

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