“The greatest impact of the Financial Alchemy Coaching for me was the way it tuned me to the channel that I was missing. I have earned twice as much in the past month
than I have in any month this year. I am completely committed to the Financial Alchemy Program that you have engaged me in”.

— Donald Ashby, Brantford, ON

“Wow! You were absolutely bang on. A relationship with a money honey does work. Almost immediately after my breakthrough session, I started my own business and received payment for my first project. Then I discovered that I had an extra thousand dollars in my bank account. Again and again I had more money in my bank account than I anticipated. I now have $3000 more than my projected goal to this point in time. It is awesome!”

— Christie Steffann, Hamilton, ON

“The coaching sessions have given me a new confidence, inner peace and clarity in regards to how I think of money and finance in my life. I feel much more relaxed and able to do what is required to live abundantly. Though my life is undergoing many changes and the end result is not completely clear, with the coaching sessions I feel an inner certainty that I will achieve my goals. I am really excited for all the great things to come and I am grateful for the opportunity to have had the sessions with you. Thank you very much!”

— Alicia Thoms, Hamilton, On

“At one point I started losing clients faster than gaining them, and I didn’t have that many to play with. So, over lunch on Monday I told my partner how scared I was and what it was doing to me. After our session, I went to a meeting with my old boss, who I knew was going to offer me some coaching work in the new financial year. She’s given me £5000 of work, to be paid upfront at the beginning of April. Came home to a message from old colleague offering coaching for 2 of her staff. Yesterday I was asked to run a half day workshop at very short notice for £400. Something’s working!”

— Tilla Brook, Leeds, UK

“My sessions with Janet have taken me to a deeper level of understanding, both around my horrible Money Monster which was embedded in my DNA and my new Money Honey who gets great delight in seeing me financially affluent. I had done the Alchemy process on my own, but working with a trained Coach truly changed my relationship with money. After the second session I received a gift of $5000, and my income is growing monthly. Thank you Janet for Being absolutely present during the sessions and holding me safely while I confronted my Monster!”

–Dianne Leigh, Orangeville, ON